Saturday, July 11, 2009

Sun Oven Soup

Soup from an oven? I made a nice big pot of split pea soup. It sounds kind of strange to make soup in an oven, but a solar oven is different; you can use it to bake, braise or boil. I had a lot of things to do today and it looked like it might get cloudy in the afternoon. I put the soup in the oven mid-morning and spent the day out and about. We had cloud cover for about an hour during the afternoon but for the most part the skies were sunny. Came home to a perfectly cooked soup.


  1. I'm happy there are others out there cooking with the sun! I never thought of cooking soup in my solar oven. I have the sports model that is basically a black plastic box with a clear double layered clear cover. It comes with two round black pots.
    Can you share your pea soup recipe with us? ~ Karen

  2. I use a recipe from Easy Split Pea Soup. Here's a link I don't tolerate sodium nitrate and have a hard time finding ham hocks that don't contain it. Sometimes I substitute with smoked turkey leg. I also usually use olive oil instead of butter, just a personal preference. When I made the soup in the picture I couldn't find nitrate free ham hocks or turkey leg so I made it without. I may continue to make the vegetarian version because it tasted just as good and really cut back on the calories.