Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Solar Oven Meatloaf

I managed to get to the grocery store yesterday to stock up on a few things. As much as I'm enjoying cooking with the sun everyday, it's messing with my routine. My normal m.o. is to spend most of the day deciding what to make for dinner. When it's time to start cooking, I discover that some crucial ingredient is missing and I have to abandon my well thought out plan. Once I get over my disappointment, I scrape together something with what I have on hand. Now that I've decided to start this year long solar cooking project everything has been turned upside down. Due to the nature of my schedule and the ever present possibility of afternoon cloud cover I've been doing most of the solar cooking in the morning. The bulk of our evening meal is generally ready by midday. It only needs to be reheated at dinner time. This means I have to be prepared. That is something I'm not very good at. I've tried planning out a week of meals, making a list and sticking to it like all the books tell you to, but with little success. Well, at least for today I was prepared. First thing I boiled some potatoes. While they were cooking I prepared the meatloaf. My first solar oven meatloaf. It didn't take any longer than making it in a conventional oven and it didn't heat up the house on this 112ยบ day.

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