Thursday, July 30, 2009

More Solar Baked Bread

Sorry, no picture today but Martin reassures me that the bread was delicious. I left early this morning for a weekend get away at Cathe's gym in New Jersey. I made the dough with my bread machine and when the sun came up Martin put it in the sun oven. It's the same recipe as last weeks loaf but I got new measuring spoons. Turns out that the dollar store teaspoon was actually two teaspoons! I guess there was a manufacturing error so they were dumped at the dollar store. I've left detailed instructions and three days worth of meals in the freezer. All Martin has to do is put them in the sun oven. I'm pretty sure he can handle it and he'll definitely eat better than the last time he was home alone. He had frozen pizza every night for a week and had to call me to ask if the oven needed to be turned on to bake or broil.

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