Monday, July 27, 2009

Solar Cooking Stack

Today's dinner was pretty much a repeat of last Monday's. Split pea soup, frittata with herbs and tomato salad. I had a whole week to come up with a way of cooking the frittata in the solar oven. I was pretty confident that cooking it in a glass pie pan or a silicone cake pan would work. I also wanted to be able to cook both the soup and the frittata at the same time. Here's how I did it. For the soup I used a graniteware pot that was not too tall. A taller pan would not have left enough room for the frittata. For the frittata I opted for the silicone cake pan because it's easier to handle and doesn't slip. I put the soup pan lid on upside down and put the frittata on top of that. I covered the silicone pan with a glass lid that I removed towards the end of cooking to let the frittata brown. This is a much easier way to cook a frittata since there's no risk of burning it. Next time I may try turning it so it will brown on both sides but it may be a while before I make another one since frittata is not Martin's favorite thing.

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