Thursday, July 2, 2009

The Sun Oven Needs Sun!

It's another overcast day which means no solar cooking today either. Nothing will be going in the sun oven today but here are some of the things I plan to make as soon as the clouds clear. Chicken with Chickpeas, Lamb Shanks with Cannelini Beans, Pasta e Fagioli and Peach Cobbler.
I love my Sun Oven and have been cooking with it for almost a year now. Phoenix is really the ideal place for solar cooking. Having a sun oven means you don't heat up the house and make your air conditioner work harder. I like cooking with the sun oven much more than a grill because once the food is placed in the oven I can stay inside where it's cool. I can even leave and come back hours later to a fully cooked meal. Solar cooking is fun and easy. Everyone should cook with the sun!

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