Monday, July 13, 2009

Solar Cooking Day 13

You would think that when I decided to start this blog I would have got organized. Once again I had no idea what I would put in the solar oven today. My first thought was bread. I haven't baked bread since I joined Weight Watchers five years ago. I'm not even sure if my bread machine still works. Then I realized I didn't have any yeast so that was out of the question. After a bit of foraging in the pantry and fridge I decided on lentils and cabbage. In two separate pots. When they were ready I even had enough time and sunshine to make some brown rice. I used another recipe from Marcella Hazan for the cabbage. To complete the meal I grilled a couple of sausages. Not the most exciting meal I've ever enjoyed but it wasn't bad. With a few minor tweaks the cabbage recipe is a keeper.

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