Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Left Out In The Sun

This morning I got a chance to follow my own advice. I've said over and over that you can put a frozen chicken in the Sun Oven in the morning, focus it in the direction of the midday sun, and come home to find it ready. I never mention that I've never actually done that. Well, today I came close. It was my first day of volunteering at the Arizona Humane Society and I had to be there at eight a.m. I'd be home by one, but had a busy afternoon so I wanted to get something going. Yesterday was cloudy and the temperature here dropped twenty degrees overnight, I had no idea what kind of day was in store. The lower temperature was not a concern, that would not affect the solar cooking, but I couldn't tell if there were clouds on the horizon.  I set my solar oven up before the sun had fully risen and hoped for the best.
I used an idea that I got from one of my readers and made chicken breast with pasta sauce. She uses partially frozen chicken and cuts it into pieces before putting in it in the pot with the sauce. I left the breasts whole. I really didn't have a choice. I forgot to take them out of the freezer last night so they were frozen solid. She also puts cheese on top. I have to weigh in at Weight Watchers tomorrow so I did without.
Once I got to the Humane Society I was so busy washing surgical tools, helping out in the spay and neuter clinic, that I completely forgot about the Sun Oven. At one point, when I noticed there were no windows in the room, I considered stepping outside to check on the weather, but didn't bother. Either it was sunny or it wasn't and my food would cook or it wouldn't. I'd find out when I got home. Well, I did come home to find it ready. At dinnertime I tossed it with some pasta and enjoyed a no fuss meal.


  1. Ok, this sounds like a good idea,
    but (especially this time of year),
    I thought it was best to be around and shift the oven around every hour or so to catch optimium rays?

    This is the only waty I've cooked with the oven, so please clue me in.
    I live in a neighborhood with lots of trees, so I have choose a spot depending on time of day I start.
    Thanks! Adela in Texas

  2. excuse my spelling...
    I'm sure you figured it out: I meant to write
    "the only WAY I've cooked..."