Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Solar Baked Focaccia

My first attempt at solar baked focaccia was on Sunday, but by the time the dough had finished rising the sun had vanished only to reappear after I'd baked it inside.

Today's sun was pretty much the same as yesterday's. Not full blast; just enough to get the Sun Oven up to about 250ºF. It took about an hour to fully solar bake the focaccia. I was hoping it would brown. No such luck. It was still good, despite the undercooked appearance.


  1. It will brown if you brush it with butter before baking (or, egg wash) OR, you can do what the restaurant chefs do when they want something browned -- use a blowtorch! Is this a family recipe (I hope, I hope, I hope)?

  2. I thought the olive oil would do the trick. Oh well, it was good any way. It's not a family recipe - my family doesn't have any of those. It's basically pizza dough rolled thick. Let it rise for about twenty minutes, poke it all over with your fingers to create some dimples. Let it rise another ten minutes and top with oil, salt, and any kind of veggie. I used sage and red onion. Eggplant is my favorite topping.