Saturday, September 5, 2009

Solar Oven Chef Gets a Day Off

It was overcast all day today with intermittent showers or as Martin put it; a beautiful summer day - in England. Needless to say no solar cooking going on.


  1. Have you tried retained heat cooking for days that the solar oven is not possible or in conjunction with solar cooking? I have an out of print cook book titled "Fireless Cookery" by Heidi Kirschner which gives many recipes and several versions of retained heat cookers. I ended up using this regularly to have hot food ready for my children returning home from school while I taught private music lessons after school. It really extends the uses of a solar cooker. All you need is sufficient heat to get something to a boiling point for between 5 and 15 minutes. After that you insulate extensively and can continue to cook for up to 8 hours after.

  2. I have not. Sounds interesting. I will look into it.