Friday, September 4, 2009

Solar Baked Falafel

I got this recipe for baked falafel from the local newspaper. It sounded perfect for the Sun oven and it probably is, but I hit a few snags. Since the Sun Oven consistently reaches 350ยบ I thought the cooking time would be about the same. I had things to do in the morning and figured I'd be home in plenty of time to make falafel sandwiches for  a quick lunch. It probably would have been do-able if I'd put the Sun Oven out to preheat before leaving to run my morning errands. This is one of the small changes that sometimes are the hardest to get used to when using a new cooking method. The concept of turning an oven on hours before it's needed is so foreign that sometimes I forget that with solar cooking there is no downside to doing just that. As it turned out the Sun Oven was not hot enough when I put the falafel in. After forty minutes the falafel was just beginning to brown. I would have preferred to bake it a few more minutes but I had more errands to run and I was hungry. The overall flavor was good. I will definitely make a second attempt at Solar Baked Falafel in the near future.

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