Thursday, September 17, 2009

Solar Baked Cherry Oatmeal Crunch

After reading a delightful sounding solar biscotti recipe a fellow blogger sent me I was in the mood for some baking. With no eggs, no nuts, and no chocolate in the house the biscotti would have to wait for another day. Luckily I had a stick of butter, a can of cherries and a mix. It turned out so good we ate half of it before I got a chance to take a picture.


  1. Isn't it tough, when you're outside adjusting the oven to the sun, to keep salivating from the aroma? Good luck with the biscotti, I made two batches on Thursday, delicious as always. Many people may wonder about having black or cast iron cooking pots, and I cook in white casserole dishes all the time. I cook my brownies in a clear 9", lidded glassware container. I'm cooking a frozen pizza on an aluminum pan, in the oven right now. It's important for people that are thinking about cooking with a sun oven, to realize that you are slow cooking, like many cultures do with ceramic containers. You mentioned crock-pot, and a lot of my early recipes borrowed from that category. One time, I simply put italian sausage, in an aluminum foil (heavy duty) pouch with sliced onions and peppers and left it in the sun oven for two hours. It was fantastic. How simple can you get?

  2. When people ask me about solar cooking I generally reply that it's similar to a crock pot. I like experimenting with different types of cookware as I have an large collection of various things I pick up at thrift stores. However the Sun Oven is the only solar cooker I know of that will work with ceramic or cast iron. All the other solar cookers on the market only work with dark, lightweight cookware.