Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Solar Baked Carrot Cake

We had left over frittata for lunch and plenty of soup for my dinner -Matin went out with the boys - so once again I turned to a mix and made carrot cake. This one is from Simply Organic. It came out a little lopsided and like most mixes a little too sweet, but it was good enough. Good enough to be half gone already.

Tomorrow I'm going to bake some more bread. This time a loaf of Pane All'Olio - Bread with Olive Oil. The recipes calls for a type of starter called a 'biga' that needs to be prepared the night before. I've never attempted anything like is, so I've got my fingers crossed.


  1. Hello again. Gilbert sunny days are great. I baked a Cheese cake. The solar oven is the perfect fit for the cake. One secret is do the cooking in a humid environment and to slowly reduce the temperature after cooking. The solar oven is sealed. So, it keeps in the mosture. I cooled it down by just turning the oven away from the sun until it cooled enough that I didn't have any problems.

    Keep up the blog. it is really fun to see what what's up next.


  2. Cheese cake! That sounds delicious. I've never had to courage to bake one but it sounds like the Sun Oven is ideal for it. I may just try one some day.

  3. Hurry and post the recipe for your Olive Oil Bread. It's good to see you're eating your vegetables -- even if they are in a cake!