Thursday, January 14, 2010

Golden Brown Chicken from the Sun Oven

Today turned out to be a beautiful clear and sunny day, perfect for solar cooking, despite the forecast for partly cloudy skies. Because of that forecast I wanted to make something that could easily be transfered inside. Chicken with Two Lemons fit the bill perfectly. Today I made it without rice. I wanted to serve it with roast potatoes tonight and a risotto tomorrow. I don't think there's enough leftover for another dinner for two so I'll have to come up with a different plan. Tonight's dinner was delicious.

The days are already starting to get noticeably longer. I left the chicken in the Sun Oven until 5 p.m. It was still warm when dinner was ready. Tomorrow's forecast calls for a full day of sunshine. I may make another attempt at solar baked pane all'olio.


  1. Oh, boy, that does look good! I'm really looking forward to your pane all-olio, so don't get side-tracked!

  2. Oh, boo-hoo,I completely waisted the beautiful sunny day that we had. My solar cooker set inside. Oh well, if I could only smell you cooking. It looks delightful.

    Thanks again for you blog.