Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Roasted Root Vegetables

Monday's disappointing purée left me with a craving for the tastier roasted rutabagas. At least that's my excuse for just tossing a mixture of root vegetables with some olive oil and salt and putting them in the Sun Oven before going to the Arizona Humane Society to volunteer for the day.

It may be just as well that I wasn't organized enough to get something more substantial going. I'm not sure what the weather was like today. When I got home late in the afternoon it was cloudy and the Sun Oven was cold, but it must have been sunny most of the day because the vegetables were cooked and even a little brown around the edges. I always forget to check on the sun situation when I'm working with the cats.

I had a lot of work to do when I got home and when dinnertime rolled around I was too tired to prepare anything to go with the veggie mix. We wound up grabbing a quick bite out. I hope the solar roasted vegetables will still be good when I reheat them tomorrow. On a positive note, one lucky kitty found a good home this morning.

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