Wednesday, January 13, 2010

The First Rule of Solar Cooking

The first rule of solar cooking is always check the weather forecast. Yesterday I scoured my cookbooks and the internet for ideas on what to make in the Sun Oven today. I finally decided on bread. I wanted to try a new recipe that used a starter. A starter that needed to be prepared the night before. Not a problem I thought, I have all the ingredients and unlike most days I'm actually planning my solar cooking a day in advance. I gathered everything I needed, made the starter, and went to bed. The possibility of unfavorable weather didn't even cross my mind. Of course it was cloudy this morning, extremely cloudy. I went ahead and made the bread. The starter was ready and it seemed a shame to waste it. Right when the loaf was ready to go in the oven the sun started to come out, but it was too late. The bread came out good, but I am looking forward baking it in the Sun Oven next time. It will be fun to compare the results.

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  1. I tried to bake some bread in the solar ovens yesterday but got the loaf out too late. It wasn't done by the time I had to leave for the CSA and the sun wouldn't be in the yard long enough to leave it to finish.

    However, rolls in the Tulsi solar oven did come out well.