Friday, June 4, 2010

Sun Oven Breakfast

Now that the days are longer it's once again possible to fire up the Sun Oven a little earlier so last night I scoured the internet for a suitable recipe. I was thinking of making a strata but that would have required a trip to the grocery store, and a lot of prep work the night before. It was almost bedtime when I came up with the brilliant idea to make oatmeal, which is what I have for breakfast almost every day. 

To catch the first morning rays I set the Sun Oven up upside down, removed the leveling tray, and put a rack on the bottom of the cooking chamber. It was the steel cut kind so its normal cooking time is thirty minutes. I combined the oats in a small pot with hot tap water and half a banana, covered it and put it in the Sun Oven at 7:45. At 8:30 I was pleasantly surprised to discover that it was perfectly cooked and hadn't stuck to the bottom of the pan at all. Unfortunately I wasn't quite ready. I'd forgotten to put the coffee on so I left it in the Sun Oven to keep it warm and when my coffee was ready enjoyed a leisurely solar breakfast. I can't believe I hadn't thought of this before. It really doesn't take that much longer than making it stovetop and it tastes much better. 


  1. Glad it came out great. Back when I was eating oats regularly, I used a mix of rolled and steel-cut. By soaking them overnight in the water, it cut the cooking time down to 5 minutes. That could get you breakfast faster in the morning with the solar oven...

  2. Good idea. I have heard that you can turn the oven on it's back side and cook coffee in the early morning so oatmeal makes sense. What if you put he coffee in with the oatmeal and they will both be ready when you are ready. Terry Starks

  3. I haven't tried oats in the oven yet. Good idea!

    thanks for your blog,
    peace, shamba

  4. Great idea. And, there's plenty of room for the coffee, too!

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