Friday, June 25, 2010

Meatloaf Muffin Madness

  I woke up to uncertain skies. There were intermittent clouds with more on the horizon. I'd planned to make meatloaf, but was beginning to have second thoughts. I decided to go with meatloaf muffins because they would cook faster. I improvised a lid by using a roasting pan, and luckily, just before putting them in the Sun Oven, I decided to set the muffin pan on a tray to catch any cooking juices. The muffins came out great. We had them with spaghetti and tomato sauce and the last minute decision to place them on a tray saved me from having to clean the Sun Oven.


  1. Perfect way to serve to guests, too, don't you think? That way, everyone has their own and it's all the same amount...excellent use of roasting pan, too...

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