Monday, March 1, 2010

Sun's Back. Time for Cake.

You would think with this crazy weather we've been having I would get moving on a sunny morning like today. But no, for some reason I seem to think that I still live in Arizona, where a sunny morning means a sunny afternoon followed by a sunny week. Because of this silly notion I didn't get anything in the Sun Oven until almost noon. Once again I used a mix. I didn't have another chocolate one - sniff, sniff, - so I went with this "healthier" apple cake from Canterbury Natural's The result was better than Friday's (which wound up in the trash can) but it was touch and go towards the end. With about ten minutes to go the cloud cover started to build . The Sun Oven temperature dropped slightly. Luckily today, unlike on Friday, I was home - ready to transfer everything inside if needed. In the end the Sun Oven came through and we were able to enjoy a nice piece of solar baked cake for our afternoon snack.

1 comment:

  1. Now, you've got the sun and we've got the cloud cover! Cake looks yummy. Save me a piece.