Saturday, March 13, 2010

Pie for Pi Day

Tomorrow is March 14. Also known as Pi Day. I'm not really that much into math, but I'll take any excuse I can find to eat pie. This year I'm even getting my friends in on the action. We'll be celebrating at our house with this solar baked blueberry pie and other goodies. I even made the pie crust from scratch using Martha Stewart's all butter recipe.

I'll admit that for a moment I considered baking it inside. I'd put so much work into it that I didn't want to run any risks. But it was a beautiful sunny morning and the Sun Oven was already up to 350ยบ degrees so I went for it. About two hours later I had a fragrant, golden, steaming hot pie cooling on the window sill. And the best thing about solar baked pie? I don't know about you but whenever I bake pie the filling always bubbles over making a terrible mess in the oven. Well today was no exception, the only difference, the Sun Oven is so easy to clean Martin took care of it!


  1. That's a gorgeous pie. Did you vent the oven at all while baking to keep the crust crisp?

  2. OMG! It's gorgeous! How did the demo go, yesterday? Did you do anything? Now, I want pie! Thanks for sharing.

  3. Chile - No I didn't, but that's a good idea. I'll try to remember to do so next time I bake a pie. It was very good anyway but the bottom crust was a little soggy. I only have glass pie pans. I'm going to pick up some dull tin ones, I think they'd work better in the Sun Oven

    Sharlene - The demo went well. I only watched. I filmed half of it - my memory card got full. I be doing one myself this Friday. I'll let you know how it goes. I've very excited (and a little nervous).

  4. Don't be nervous. You'll be fine. You've been doing this for a long time, now, and are ready for anybody's questions.