Thursday, March 25, 2010

A Double Batch of Solar Split Pea Soup

We're having yesterday's solar braised lamb shanks for dinner tonight so today's solar cooking project will also be consumed at a later date. Martin will be fending for himself the next few days. I'm going to San Diego for a weekend with my favorite fitness instructor, Cathe Fiedrich. The last time I went to one of her events I left Martin with three days worth of meals ready to put in the Sun Oven so I wouldn't miss any days of my blog. That was way too much work. Since then I've decided that if I'm out of town the blog goes on hiatus. Luckily Martin (unlike me) doesn't mind eating the same thing, two, or even three, days in a row. With this nice pot of solar cooked split pea soup and a few pizzas in the freezer he should be o.k. until I get back on Sunday.

Once again I used my six quart black enamel pot. To fit it in the Sun Oven you have to remove the leveling tray and place a rack or a trivet on the floor of the cooking chamber to allow for air flow.


  1. You ARE lucky! My man would never want to eat the same thing day after day, even if only for two or three days...had to have variety. You go give your Martin a great big hug and kiss for being such a great guy! Have a wonderful trip, too.

  2. Lucky Martin! Hopefully I can get an invite to share in the bounty. Have a great trip.