Monday, March 22, 2010

Solar Vegetarian Chili Goes Wild

Today I made a big pot of sweet potato chili. I started with the beans. After soaking them overnight I put them in the Sun Oven first thing in the morning. While they were cooking I chopped the onion and sweet potato. I'd guess it was about half a pound of beans. When they were ready the bean-to-sweet potato ratio seemed a little off, so I decided to use two sweet potatoes. That meant I needed to use two cans of stewed tomatoes. Now I needed a bigger pot. A six quart pot is about the biggest you can fit in a Sun Oven and to do so you need to remove the leveling tray. Anytime you cook without the leveling tray you need to put something on the floor of the oven chamber to allow for air flow, a trivet or something like that.

Tomorrow I'll be out all day and the forecast is for thick cloud cover. I guess there won't be any more solar cooking going on until Wednesday.

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  1. So, how was it? It looks and sounds delicious! We're having lots of cloud cover, too. And, high winds. Thanks for sharing.