Sunday, November 22, 2009

Solar Brunch

With enough food in the fridge to feed a small army I was tempted to not do any solar cooking today. Not only do I have the leftovers of a fifteen pound turkey, my cousin also brought me a huge piece of porchetta from a recent dinner party at her house.

  The sun was shining so I had to make something.

We slept in late, late enough to allow the sun to rise enough to be able to solar cook eggs for breakfast. I cracked two eggs over some leftover greens, some salt and pepper, twenty minutes in the Sun Oven, and breakfast was served. Pretty simple stuff. I had the rest of the day free and got a chance to attend an open house at the Adobe Mountain Wildlife Center.

I'm leaving early tomorrow morning, hopefully Martin has enough food to make it until I get back. Next solar cooking update will be after Thanksgiving.


  1. Haha, your motto is, "The sun shines, therefore I cook." :)

    I used to live just a few miles up the road from the Adobe Mountain Wildlife Center but never took the opportunity to go by there. Were you inspired?

  2. My garden is still providing Ruby Red and Green Chard. Go figure. I'm assuming your greens were cooked before using for the eggs? I can zap the chard in the microwave for 30 seconds and have it just right for this dish. This looks delish.

  3. Chile - Great motto.

    I never even knew the Adobe Mountain Wildlife Center existed until I read about the open house in the paper. It seems like a good facility. They mostly do rehab so they can release the animals back into the wild. Where they belong.

    Sharlene - Yes the greens (kale) were already cooked. Leftover from the previous night's dinner. I love chard! I tried growing it here but I don't have a green thumb and the AZ climate is not friendly to novice gardeners.