Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Solar Pulled Pork and Baked Beans

Pulled pork just might be one of the easiest and tastiest things to come out of the solar oven. All you have to do is trim the fat off a pork shoulder roast, rub it with a bbq spice mix, put in in a dark pot and place it in the solar oven. When the meat is fall apart tender, place it on a cutting board and shred it by pulling it apart with two forks. Serve it with your favorite bbq sauce. It's a great dish for a casual dinner with friends. It can be made a day in advance and gently reheated. The baked beans were made in the sun oven too. I used a recipe from If you want to make both the beans and the pork on the same day you will need two pots that fit in the solar oven together. I am always on the look out for cookware that can be used for solar cooking. I found the two red pots in the picture at a thrift store.

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