Thursday, August 27, 2009

A Complete Meal from the Sun Oven

I'm not really a casserole kind of person. I like my meal to have at least three separate components, a protein, a starch and at least one vegetable. I find one dish meals to be boring. Today I had a busy afternoon and would not be getting home until dinnertime. I didn't want to fuss with any last minute preparations so I came up with a meal that would be ready to serve straight from the Sun Oven.
I can't tell you how nice it is to be going about your business with the knowledge that a hot, tasty meal is simmering in your back yard. It's almost as good as being waited on, or having your own personal chef. I'll admit that the broccoli was overcooked but being able to sit down to a hot meal as soon as I got home from my busy day was worth it.
It's yet another take on chicken and rice and it was all made in one pot. I started by putting the rice in a dutch oven. I mixed in about half a cup of chopped onion and a medium diced turnip. I used half as much water as stated on the rice package. I used bone in, skin on chicken thighs. I like chicken thighs because they're juicy and it makes portion control easy. I trimmed the excess fat, seasoned them with salt and pepper and put them in the dutch oven on top of the rice. Then I made a pocket with some aluminum foil, put the broccoli in it and placed it on top of the chicken. I put the lid on the dutch oven, put it in the Sun Oven and left it there until dinnertime. Just before serving, I did stir some freshly grated parmesan cheese in with the rice. So I guess I did do one little bit of prep work after I got home. If you're really tired and hungry you could skip the cheese.

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