Saturday, August 15, 2009

Solar Cookies!

Today I introduced solar cooking to my neighbors. I baked some cookies to give away at our yard sale. Putting a solar oven in the driveway will attract almost as much attention as a dog or a baby. It's a great icebreaker. I've been living on this street for over 10 years and I spoke to some of my neighbors for the first time today.
I'd share my chocolate chip cookie recipe with you but I didn't use one. I was way too tired from getting everything ready for the yard sale to make them from scratch. I used frozen cookie dough from Trader Joe's. It makes pretty good cookies but today was more about using my solar oven for socializing than anything else.

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  1. Just got my Sun Oven yesterday and am roasting veggies in it today - so glad to have found your blog (via twitter)!