Friday, April 30, 2010

Solar Lentil Stew

The plan for today was to get dinner started before going to the dentist. I was pretty sure that I wouldn't feel like doing any cooking, solar or non, after dental surgery. Lentil stew seemed like a good option. I could serve it with rice or pasta, or even with the bread I baked yesterday. I chopped up and sauteed an onion, a couple of carrots, some celery, and a few cloves of garlic in some olive oil in one pot, mixed in a can of dice tomatoes and put a cup of dried lentils and some water in another, and off I went. When I got back I mixed it all together. The surgery went well, the stew smelled good, but all I felt like eating was mashed potatoes. So I wound up doing a little more cooking anyway. Martin enjoyed the stew. He had it for lunch and dinner.

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