Tuesday, April 6, 2010

All Day Solar Cooking

Take a frozen chicken. Put it in a pot with your choice of seasonings. Focus the Sun Oven to where the sun will be at noon. Go to work. Come home to a perfectly cooked chicken. I've heard Paul Munsen of Sun Ovens International say this so many times at his presentations that I repeated it when I taught a solar cooking class a few weeks ago. Problem is I've never actually done it.

Today I came close, but I used two cornish hens instead of a chicken. That's because I couldn't find a frozen chicken anywhere. Turkey, duck, even goose, and of course cornish hens - but no chicken. I guess most people buy fresh chickens and freeze them at home. My freezer is way too full of mystery items placed there many moons ago for safe keeping.

The two hens were seasoned with rosemary, garlic, and lemon. They went into the Sun Oven this morning at 8:00 and were indeed perfectly cooked when I got home for dinner as were the potatoes I cooked along with them. All I had to do was steam some broccoli and dinner was served.

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  1. It just gets better and better, no? Did you save me some? Looks yummy.