Friday, April 23, 2010

Prepping for the Solar Potluck

Wednesday and Thursday were both cloudy which gave me plenty of time to get ready for tomorrow's solar potluck at Catalina State Park just north of Tucson. So of course I put everything off until this morning. I was so busy getting ready that the only solar cooking I got done today were a couple of Trader Joe's mini croissants. No small feat considering that you have to remember to take them out of the freezer the night before. As usual they were excellent. It's a good thing they have to proof nine hours or you'd pop another one in the Sun Oven right away. It's kind of a built in portion control system.

No picture today. I took one, but we're already in Tucson and my camera cord is at home. I'll make up for it tomorrow with lots of pictures of the potluck.


  1. Well...okay. Looking forward to the pix and hope you have a great day.

  2. Dang, everything good was scheduled for mid-April - very inconvenient for us with the move and repair work that has to be done.

    Will you come again next year so I can met you? Or, hey, if you're still there, email me. It would not be terribly out of your way to visit on Sunday...

  3. Chile, I was hoping to see you there. I will definitely go again next year. We had a great time. We're already back in Phoenix. We're leaving for L.A. early tomorrow. I'm exhausted. Even updating the blog will have to wait. I'll be attending the Bisbee solar cook off in June. I've been to it before, as a spectator, it's always a lot of fun.

  4. Oh, sorry to hear I missed you! I wanted to go but just couldn't with the hot water heater work we had to do (and an unexpected trip to the vet for one of our dogs). I'll check out the timing of the Bisbee one, though, and see whether it's a possibility.