Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Solar Biscuits and Eggs, Take Three

It's not just out of laziness or lack of creativity that I'm making eggs and biscuits again. I need to perfect my technique. I want to make them - among other things - at the 28th annual solar potluck I'll be attending in Tucson on the 24th.

The biscuits were from Trader Joe's. They're the refrigerated in a can kind. I baked them first in the sun oven, instead of trying to bake them at the same time as the eggs like I did in the past. They were done in about 40 minutes. Mostly for their convenience factor, these are the biscuits I'll be making at the potluck. The eggs took 20 minutes and today I lined the muffin cups with pancetta and zucchini. The pancetta was yummy and I'm definitely using it for the potluck eggs, but I think I'll use spinach for the green.

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  1. Oh, now, that sounds good. Hadn't thought of zucchini! Great idea. Is it pancetta and zucchini together under the egg? I can't really tell from the pix. You are so cool! Spinach sounds good, too...